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MC Escher Day and Night.jpg

The Escher Enterprise

We are committed to preserving, protecting and promoting M.C. Escher's artistic legacy. As primary custodians of copyright, we aim to manage the work of this exceptional artist with responsibility and integrity, ensuring his unique contributions to art, mathematics, and visual perception continue to inspire and influence future generations.


Please visit to learn more about M.C. Escher.  You can email to make inquiries regarding copyright usage, authenticity, museum exhibitions, or the opportunity to have your original Escher artwork become part of our exhibitions.  

Escher Three Spheres II
60 In Mesquitas Classroom.jpg

We support The M.C. Escher Foundation's endeavor to increase educational opportunities in museums and classrooms around the world. 

We work with The M.C. Escher Foundation and to pursue opportunities in line with Escher's artistic integrity...he did turn down Mick Jagger, twice. We probably wouldn't, but integrity is important. 

In de Mesquita's Classroom, woodcut by MC Escher.


“He who wonders discovers that this in itself is wonder.”

MC Escher

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